Canada Day Celebration at Seasons

Join us to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary!

Chef Susie Reading will be visiting from Toronto specifically to prepare a Canadian themed menu.  Chef Reading has 22+ years in the culinary field and has won numerous awards.  Her philosophy toward cooking is to source the best ingredients available locally, respect how they are grown / harvested and apply techniques that highlight their individual characteristics.

Chef Susie Reading is a Toronto born chef, Mohawk (Tyendinaga First Nation) and has over 25 years in the culinary industry.

Chef Reading’s journey began as a culinary student at George Brown College.  In 1995, she completed a classical apprenticeship at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, under the guidance of Chef George McNeill, CMC. Post apprenticeship Susie focused her culinary skills in a la carte cuisine, culminating in Sous Chef of the fine dining room at the Royal York Hotel.

In addition to her hotel work, Susie began teaching culinary at George Brown College on a part-time basis. It was there where she discovered her love of teaching, which she continues today as a faculty member at The Chef School at George Brown.

Susie is an avid traveler and has spent time in different parts of the world learning distinct cuisines, becoming familiar with local and foraged ingredients, volunteering on organic farms and exploring markets in locations such as Western Canada, Baja Sur & Merida Mexico, California, Hawaii, France and Dubai, UA.  Susie has appeared in a number of culinary focused media promotions that include instructional video, TV, radio, print as well as live media events.

Chef Reading’s role as Chef is synonymous with teacher / learner and continues to grow with her culinary experiences.  Susie strongly feels it is her responsibility to pass along her knowledge and skill to the next generation of cooks (or frankly anyone that loves food and cooking) in a manner this is inclusive and supportive of learning.  Fostering new talent and mentoring cooks and have them aspire to their personal best each and every time is her goal, while advocating the importance of a strong foundation of culinary knowledge and structure.  Susie says, ‘my own favourable experiences as a student and an apprentice are very much at the forefront of what I do and remember – I really do want those who are interested in culinary to embrace their passion and engage in a challenging and fulfilling career in this dynamic industry.’

Please call 730-8101 to book.

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