Gourmet Dining out in Boquete

Five things not to miss at The Rock (our fave dining spot – and not just for the stellar service and attention):

1. The Trout with Pancetta and Serrano Ham. Raised in the spring-fed and rock-filtered streams of the Chiriqui highlands, the fish is as fresh as if you’d thrown a line out from your table next to the Caldera river and caught it yourself.

Trout estilo Navarro

2. Pork Ribs with Sugarcane and Papaya Sauce. We’ve developed a weakness for the Rock’s falling off the bone pork ribs with sugarcane and papaya sauce. (And if you find yourself craving more like us, Thursday nights are all you-can-eat rib nights.) Our tip? Wash them down with a refreshing, dark craft beer from the Boquete Brewing Company. They brew with water from a private spring high up in Chiriqui’s cloud forest.

3. The View . . . because that’s what we’re all about and this one comes with a rushing river, gleaming jungle mountains and a charming atmosphere.

View from The Rock

4. Local. Almost everything you eat at the Rock comes from the hills and farms surrounding Boquete. Because this is Panama’s ‘legume basket’. Ok, that’s not so catchy but it’s true.

5. Happy hour. Because two-for-one as the sun goes down over the cloud forest is as good as it gets.