Panama’s Most Beautiful View (We Think You’ll Agree)

We didn’t make this up. This really is the view (no filter) from the highest golf course in Central America, perched 3,600 ft. up in Panama’s Boquete highlands. Lucero Golf and Country Club has vistas so stunning they should have their own hashtag. But as beautiful as the lush hillsides, rushing rivers and soaring mountains are, it’s the things you can’t see – the fresh flower-scented air and birdsong – that make you feel like you’re playing in Shangri-la.



The locals managed to keep their nirvana secret until it was discovered to be a fantastic place to grow coffee – the world’s best in thanks to the volcanic soil and temperate climate. Now plantations dot the hillsides, organic citrus fruit, vegetables and strawberries fills the farmer’s market and a thriving community of expats enjoy the daily 72 degree weather and laid back, lifestyle.

The valley has also become a cultural mecca, with events like The Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival and Feria de las Flores y del Café and a thriving food scene. It’s also the adventure-hub of Panama with white-water rafting, zip-lining, hiking, horseback riding and golf. Well, playing golf where the green touches the clouds, with views that stretch as far as the Pacific Ocean, could be considered adventurous right? And then strolling back to your custom home with resplendent quetzals and howler monkeys for neighbours and experimenting with a new sun downer each night surely counts.